Fresh, free range and home reared from our farm


For the past 25 years we have farmed our land and reared our own beef, pork and chickens. It is sustainable farming at its best. We use traditional mixed farming techniques. Traditional means traditional. Some would call it ‘old-fashioned’ but it still works for us. There are no high-tech machines here at Talton.

We open our farm butchery twice a week on a Friday and Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

We hand rear our own beef, pork and chicken on site. All the above is done on just 30 acres of rotational land. We are not registered ‘organic’ but Mark says that if everyone farmed like us there would be no need for an organic movement There is an abattoir just 10 minutes down the road which is fundamental to our animal welfare.

We are a ‘down to earth’ and ‘back to basics’ farm and we pride ourselves on high quality, hand reared meat. For farmer Mark it is a lifestyle as well as a business – “because it is in my blood. I am addicted to my animals, the sounds of the millstream, the song birds and the smell of the land.”

For 30 years we ran a farm shop here at Talton until 2017 when we decided to close it and to diversity into a rustic events venue instead. As a result, our knowledge of local food suppliers is second to none. Whatever you are after we should know where to source it!

If you would like us to supply you with home reared meats or locally sourced supplies for your event we will happily do so.

For butchery orders or queries please contact Mark via e.mail at or phone  01789 459140

Nothing beats Talton’s meats!

“Mark supplied our caterer with all the meat we required for our wedding as we particularly wanted to know its source, guaranteed tenderness and flavour

— F.S.

The Bath-e-cue of all barbecues

“As the home reared steaks and sausages sizzled on the victorian bath-e-cue under the night stars and we sat round the fire-pit sharing jokes and memories, I stopped, looked and listened a while and it just felt perfect.”

— P.D

Delicious dinner … thank you

“Our family dinner party in the Mill Woodhouse was made even more special by the fact that we were eating Talton home reared pork. Provenance at its best.”

— J.S.