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By In General On 27th July 2018

Welcome to another Talton Mill newsletter. I know it has been a while since I put pen to paper. No excuses – however the spirit moved me once again and I must let you know of our “Burger & Banger” offer. In the butchery we are offering boxes of home made burgers and sausages for all occasions. Each box contains a selection of the following :

12 x 4oz beef burgers made from 100% Talton Aberdeen Angus beef and combined with horseradish, black pepper and onion and no other additives – so are free from gluten.
12 x 4oz home reared pork & apple burgers made from 100% Talton pork with seasoning, apple pieces and onion. These are also gluten free.
6 x 4oz lamb and mint burgers made from local lamb, seasoning and mint.
20 x large pork sausage – using our own pork once again (min 100gms per sausage)
2 x packs of marinated pork spare rib OR lamb riblets.

All the above for £50 – ready frozen, bagged and labelled in a butchers box with ice sheets for transport. At least you can have a burger or sausage and trust the contents and provenance!

These packs will be kept in stock but it is always best to order in advance either via e.mail : or over the phone : 01789 459140

On the farm it is all too hot! I am already having to feed quality early June hay back to the cattle. The chickens drinks so much water to keep cool – they don’t much like the heat! The pigs are ok if they have shade and somewhere to get wet. Pigs have no sweat glands so are very susceptible to heat stroke. I must make sure I keep the pigs water hole wet so there is plenty of water for them.

The hot, dry weather has certainly suited the butterflies this year. I have seen many varieties I have not seen for years. Sadly our wonderful house martins of which every year we have many nesting around the farm house eaves, have had a visit from a woodpecker. He has smashed holes in nearly every nest to get at chicks and eggs. The martins, I hope, will repair and rebuild and still have time for another brood.

Our cafe in The Mill Woodhouse continues to flourish every Friday and Saturday which is wonderful. Our monthly supper events are proving very popular and Fran & Liz catered for 100 hungry ‘field to fork foodies’ last Friday in our Bath-e-cue Supper Night! All our meat was cooked on our victorian bath which has been converted into a BBQ (hence the term “Bathecue”). They have just brought out the list of suppers for the next six months and I am always amazed by the varied menus which showcase what I produce on the farm plus the entertainment they organise to round off the evening.

We are now fortunate enough to have The Straw Bar at our events too (see below) – enabling us to run a licensed bar at all our events. Fran’s husband, Mark, has transformed their horsebox into a wonderfully eye catching and stylish bar which truly enhances all our private functions as well as our own events. It is available for private off-site hire too … so feel free to contact us for more information.

The next Supper Club event is TAPAS & LIVE MUSIC on Friday 17th August. Tickets are selling fast so my advice is to book soon! Click here for more information

We look forward to seeing you soon at Talton Mill.

Mark and the Talton Mill Team

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