We are delighted to welcome back renowned outdoor specialist (Bsc Hons) and master herbalist Simon Birbeck to Talton in 2021 to bring you his bushcraft and foraging courses at Talton Mill. Simon has over 20 years experience in this field. Formerly a survival school co-ordinator who has worked with the Discovery Channel and The Bear Grylls Survival Academy and Young Survivor, Simon went on to set up UK Wild Adventures – the ‘go to’ company for experiencing the great outdoors!

Our workshops are suitable for both beginners and those with more outdoor experience.


Sat 30th April 2022.  9am to 2pm. £60.00 including coffee or tea on arrival and a two-course lunch

To book online please click this link:


or please e.mail : taltonmill@gmail.com

Learn how to thrive in the natural environment. Simon will give you the skills and knowledge to do so. Learn how to forage for natural foods and medicines on our 28 acre-small holding and around the local countryside meadows, hedgerows and woodlands.  Simon will teach you fire craft, tracking, navigation by natural means, water sourcing and filtration, wood whittling, and container construction from natural materials.  You will build a fire and brew up some nettle, pine or lemon balm tea on the open fire.

This experience is a holistic way of looking at the environment and how all aspects link together.  Take time to reflect on the environment and discover what is out there. Get away from the trappings of modern technology and get back to basics!




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