We can fully cater for small events ourselves and recommend caterers for larger scale events and weddings

We can run a Bath-e-cue for you … a victorian bath tub turned into a barbecue! Our own farm reared meats for breakfast, lunch or dinner … always a winner!

We can advise on locally sourced food and drink for your event too. We have a wealth of knowledge of local suppliers.

From Mezes, grazing menus, Burritos, Street food, Hog roasts, barbeques, tapas to fish and chips. Afternoon teas, 3 course sit down meals, Cheese and wine … The choice is yours.

When it comes to food and drink, you can also specify what you would like on the day and commission any caterer of your choice to suit your style, and budget. The possibilities are endless.

We also have excellent local caterers who will offer many choices to suit any budget to include full service, cutlery, tables, chairs, linen, coffee service etc.. if required.

Nothing beats Talton’s meats!

“Mark supplied our caterer with all the meat we required for our wedding as we particularly wanted to know its source, guaranteed tenderness and flavour

— F.S.

The Bath-e-cue of all barbecues

“As the home reared steaks and sausages sizzled on the victorian bath-e-cue under the night stars and we sat round the fire-pit sharing jokes and memories, I stopped, looked and listened a while and it just felt perfect.”

— P.D

Delicious dinner … thank you

“Our family dinner party in the Mill Woodhouse was made even more special by the fact that we were eating Talton home reared pork. Provenance at its best.”

— J.S.