By In General On 8th February 2019

Local Venison. Free Range Chicken. Lamb & Mint Sausages.
Chicks in the ‘Chickarium’. Fearless Piglets!

At last we now have fresh local venison in the farm butchery. All cuts will be available this Friday and Saturday. I hope this is the start of a continual supply for the rest of the winter season.

Our own free range chicken is again in short supply this week. I have ordered a few local free range birds to fill the gap then we will definitely be back on tract with our own stock.

There will be fresh lamb and mint sausages as well as our usual pork sausages and plenty of our dry cured bacon. The 30% off freezer is proving very popular and helps us manage our stock levels – do take a look when you visit.

On the farm we have a new batch of chicks on show in the chickarium, hatched on Tuesday. The new litter of piglets have had to be fenced in as they became so fearless, venturing into the farm yard and workshop, chewing and interfering with everything and anything like a gang of delinquent teenagers!

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