By In General On 25th January 2019

Colin and I are still in the farm butchery on a Friday and Saturday offering the very best in local and Talton Mill home reared meat.

We recently had a litter of pigs born on the farm. They are very cute and growing at an extraordinary rate!

The cattle have enjoyed the kind winter weather so far and spent much of the time outside. Our chickens are very large again this week then we may have a gap in availability before the next batch are big enough for the table. Venision, I am sad to say, continues to be unavailable. As soon as we have some it will be advertised!

If anyone has a particular interest in smoked meats please ask. We are able to smoke any of our products at little extra cost.

You will no doubt be aware of recent reports advising us that we should all eat very little or no meat but if the meat we eat is from a local, mixed farming system the natural environment would improve beyond recognition. Livestock have a large part to play in maintaining and enhancing the health of our soils at the same time supporting flora and fauna at the very bottom of the food chain. Sadly such production methods are increasingly rare as scale of production is related to cost of production hence the irresistible move toward mass production.

So my message to you is we should all be eating meat produced locally and NOT mass produced. Production of cheap, mass produced meat is an enormous contributor to the demise of our environment. It undervalues and disrespects the animal and amounts to a short term gain for the purchaser and a long term loss for us all.

Have a great week.

Mark and the Talton Mill Team.

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  • Kate King 3 YEARS AGO

    Sweet picture of Mark and the piglet! It ought to go in the cafe on the wall.


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