Venison, Free Range Chicken, Marmalade and a RANT!
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Venison, Free Range Chicken, Marmalade and a RANT!

By In General On 12th January 2018

This weekend fresh, local venison is available in the farm butchery. Minced venison makes a great bolognaise. Very low in fat and full of flavour. Loin medallions pan fried in a hot pan is equal to any beef fillet – give it a try!

There is plenty of our home reared free range chicken. Cheap supermarket chicken is not to be compared. Ours appear out of the oven intact with no shrinkage – the taste is not comparable and the ethics of mass-produced chicken is very questionable.

Lisa plans to make marmalade this week. We are going to have more preserve making sessions. Like our chickens, there’s no comparison when comparing the taste of homemade jams and mass-produced products.

On a different note – and here comes the ‘rant’ – last week the Oxford Farming Conference took place. If you have an interest or not in the food you eat it is worth buying a copy of The Farmer’s Guardian occasionally. Mr Gove is talking a good deal of sense – like him or not. Sustainability is the buzz word. Cheap food is all very well but ultimately, we all pay as intensive food production rally is biting the hand that feeds us. The loss of so much of our fauna and flora is directly attributable to monoculture and the rise of the supermarket trading practices over the past 30 years.

Anyway … rant over! Talton Mil Farm Butchery – small, personable, sustainable, ethical and all the other things that make life better, is open Friday and Saturday every week. So too is our artisan, Mill Woodhouse Cafe.

Thanks for listening!

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